Butternut Hash with Lamb Burger

Butternut Hash with Lamb Burger

Have I mentioned how much I adore butternut squash?  What I don’t love is peeling it; the skin is so thick and it’s awkward to hold this beautifully shaped and colored squash.  I’ve noticed that more stores and farmer’s markets are offering butternut already peeled and cubed so I created this recipe using cubed squash … Continue reading

Winter Farmer’s Market @ Wentworth Greenhouses NH

Winter Farmer’s Market @ Wentworth Greenhouses NH

I ventured over to the Winter Farmer’s Market at the Wentworth Greenhouses in Rollinsford today.  I had no idea what to expect as I drove down the road towards the market but I was excited to find that it was much larger than I had thought with a huge variety of vendors inside the greenhouses. … Continue reading

Duck Egg Omelette

Duck Egg Omelette

I bought some duck eggs at the Newmarket Farmer’s Market last Saturday and I was really excited to see how they tasted.  Check the following link to read about our local farmer’s market.  https://asavourylife.com/2014/03/15/a-trip-to-newmarket-farmers-market/ The girl who sold me the eggs said that duck eggs are richer than chicken eggs and are excellent in baked … Continue reading

Roasted Cumin Carrots with Lemony Yogurt Sauce

Roasted Cumin Carrots with Lemony Yogurt Sauce

In a recent post I wrote about the Newmarket farmer’s market.  https://asavourylife.com/2014/03/15/a-trip-to-newmarket-farmers-market/ I bought some spring baby carrots and a mix of greens from a local farmer and tonight I created a recipe with them.  I really wanted to highlight the fresh earthy flavor of the carrots and the sharp green bite of the greens without … Continue reading