A Trip to Newmarket Farmer’s Market



Today I headed over to the Newmarket farmer’s market which is held in the high school during the winter months.  I have been to a lot of Farmer’s Markets and this one is fairly small (mostly due to the season I’m sure) but I was really struck by the quality and beauty of the offerings.

First I saw a beautiful display of jewelry by NH artist Jane Eslinger.


I loved her copper necklaces and earrings but I thought her enamel jewelry was really interesting also.  I loved the different colors and shapes that embraced the beautiful shapes and patterns of nature.  I bought a pair of her earrings that reminded me of sand dollars in a beautiful navy blue and white enamel.


Next I encountered a local baker who has some unique offerings such as pretzel beer caramels, beer peanut brittle, and dairy and egg free peppermint patty cupcakes.  She said that she tries to bake with all natural ingredients and doesn’t like to use artificial dyes in her baking which is why her cupcakes aren’t dyed green for St. Patty’s Day.  I don’t think you could find a better price for fresh homemade cupcakes either.



There were quite a few offerings from farms.  I bought some duck eggs from Crack an Egg farm and they also are a CSA (community supported agriculture) so you can sign up with them for not just veggies but meats as well.


I met a lady who sold beans and wheatgrass that she grows on her farm.  An interesting variety and a pretty display.  I bought some flageolet beans which she explained are typically used in French cassoulet, but are very versatile.


I bought some sweet baby carrots and a mix of greens from another farmer.  Sorry, I didn’t get his name but I’m sure he will be there again!  He had beautiful looking greens and I love these carrots!  I’m thinking of roasting them in some garlic, olive oil and cumin and just eating them straight from the oven with a dusting of salt.


Last but not least I met Sharon Cloud who had a few offerings such as raw honey, marmalade and this luxurious and all natural botanical salve she calls Green Gold.  She said she created it over 30 years ago and hasn’t changed the formula.  It is all natural and I have to say it feels wonderful on my skin and it’s not greasy or sticky at all.  I plan to use it on my winter cracked hands and also on my surgery scars.


I didn’t get to visit with all the vendors today but I plan to keep going back to the Newmarket Farmer’s Market as well as any other local ones as well.  I think it’s a good way to support local business and farmers but it’s also a great way to incorporate quality food and products into your own life.  Obviously we all need to shop at grocery stores and chains for our staples and basic supplies, but look to your local Farmer’s markets for produce, baked goods, art work, gifts, and many other surprising and quality goods.  It’s a great way to support and engage in our community.

Check out Newmarket Farmers Market on Facebook and also Seacoast Eat Local for times and locations of markets and other great news.

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